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Mass Effect 3

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I must admit Commander Shepard. Your prowess and unflinching desire to survive must be commended. Against all odds, all logical outcomes. How is it that you stand before me, here, now. I have lived this moment a thousand times before but never in all my life have I met someone as diligent as yourself.

What can I say. I'm Human.

Can it really be just that? The idea that all your accomplishments...all your sway with the cosmos. It can all be traced back to your race?

I consider stubbornness to be an essential trait. The will to keep fighting, no matter the odds.

Is that so?

I have seen Gods work Shepard.
I have walked on the edge of Oblivion, witnessed the creation of conception.
I am the seed in which eternity owes its gratitude. It isn't fate that guides the strokes of reality.
It's ideals.
It's action.
Speech is a meaningless tool from which profits foolishly place their beliefs. But your better than that. Your above it all.

What are you getting at.

This Shepard. This moment.
You know the truth behind your existence. Behind everything. You were willing to sacrifice everything to prevent it. But here we are, now. I stand before you, a face to the enemy. You tried to warn them, but their in-ability to cope with reality has lead to your inevitable demise. Yet you still fight, as if every breathe you take being another moment you have to change this. You truly wont stop until the very end, will you?

Is that suppose to be a question?


Do you know why we do this Shepard?
Its how we grow.
Through your strength and knowledge, we expand and develop. All of history flows within me...every waking moment an experience from which I pull from.

I look forward to seeing what you can teach me.
Let us settle this once and for all. I'm going to give you a chance to show the universe first hand exactly what the great Commander Shepard is capable of.
No more words. Just you and I.
What do you say Shepard?
Are you willing to fight this one last time?

Who is ready?


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